Our Mission

To be the partner that helps you build your business every step of the way, every day.

Our Dynamic Staff

Our dynamic staff is comprised of a highly efficient, friendly, seasoned group of industry insiders that will bend over backward to get you results.

Stacy Durand

Stacy Durand: Head Honcho

Stacy has been the president of MDG since its inception and her passion for the job is fueled by her pure love of the media business. Her career has always been about facilitating business growth exponentially and maximizing the potential of any campaign that runs through her Company. She has a long and impressive track record in the leadership role, logging in 10 ½ years at Mercury Media and then taking the reins at Revenue Frontier and spearheading its cost-per-action innovation. Stacy earned her MBA from Pepperdine University which helped to prepare her for all the demands of a leadership role. We also know she teaches a wild spinning class and finds time for her 2 children and adoring husband. She is a true renaissance woman!

Ben Zimmerman


His moniker is MDG’s Prez, (which in translation simply means that he is the guy in charge of the agency’s client services and media planning teams). Ben is perpetually searching for ways to improve procedures, systems, and negotiating acumen. Ben grew up in the direct marketing business and worked his way up the proverbial ladder by learning every facet of the business throughout his ascent. With a firm grasp of all the intangibles that go with the media business he has risen to a top level executive that demands perfection and necessitates innovation. Ben is constantly pushing the technological envelope to ensure MDG and their clients remain ahead of the pack. He is a Cal State Northridge graduate who relishes a good CrossFit workout when not hanging out with his Wife, or putting the finishing touches on a new fort with his two boys.

Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson: PITCH PERFECT

What do Oxiclean, Focus Factor, Kaboom, ProActiv, Orange Glo, and Space Bag have in common? They’ve all benefited from the same Branded Response Media formula that Matt brings to the table as MDG’s Vice President of Client Strategy & Marketing. Whether you need help crafting your offer or refining your multichannel objectives, Matt is your man. It’s no surprise that this “out of the box” thinker lives in the artists colony of Venice Beach where he enjoys hanging out with his four-legged sidekick, “Dude”.

Our Culture

Our culture was structured around six fundamental principles that act as the foundation of our success:

1. Act on behalf our clients/partners, using our collective experience, to put them, and keep them, well ahead of the curve.

2. Never take our clients/partners budget or business for granted. Do everything within our power to achieve success for our client as if it were our own investment.

3. We are only as good as the technology and ingenuity we have at our disposal. Always stay on the cutting edge and strive to continually improve in all areas.

4. The devil is in the details… Be the devil. Analyze, examine and investigate!

5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. We know what that word means, and we extend it to everyone. Client/Partners, employees, supply chain colleagues, and competitors.

6. If we are operating our business correctly, it should be fun for everyone involved. We do our best to make MDG an enjoyable place to spend time and in the process accomplish exceptional things.