We have the star players, leaders with a proven track record and a systematic way of conducting our business so it consistently pays dividends! The icing on the cake for us is when the people we work for take time out to write glowing reviews about their experience with MDG!

Media Design Group Awakens A Sleeping Giant

A leading direct marketer of a snoring solution had a major dilemma. The behemoth media agency they had chosen could only buy small five-figure increments of media that would pay out on a profitable basis. As a result, the overall sales were horrendous and due to the fact that 80% of their orders came in via the web, their big agency could not accurately track the source of TV leads that had been converted to those online sales. The marketer was essentially a small fish stuck in a big pond.

Enter Media Design Group - Using our proprietary attribution model, which tracks TV leads from their point of origination through to multiple touchpoints and ultimately, the online shopping cart, we were able to pinpoint which media was effective with far greater accuracy. By tracking the consumer purchase pathway through various points of consumer engagements, we attained a comprehensive picture of media effectiveness. This insight enabled MDG to increase the client’s media buy by five-fold! As a result, sales and profits skyrocketed!

Viral Sensation Dollar Shave Relies On Cutting Edge Analytics

Dollar Shave Club’s viral video set the advertising world on fire with over 12 million hits for its hilariously inappropriate video pitching their shaving continuity program. With a private equity infusion of $10 million, however, the company needed to find ways to grow the business quickly. They were forced to ask a critical question, “given the precision with which they could track online leads and conversions, did it make sense for them to employ a more mass advertising tactic such as television”?

In conjunction with Media Design Group, the marketer decided to give television a try. Using a 60 second edited version of their ubiquitous viral video, the marketer has been able to significantly drive leads and conversion to new members for one simple reason - MDG’s proprietary analytics platform enabled them to see exactly which commercial airings generated the most leads and the best conversion rates. This knowledge enables both marketer and agency partner to then focus media planning and buying efforts on those networks and stations that deliver the best cost per acquisition. Hence a web-centric marketer now believes in the power of television to expand their reach and increase their membership base.