Grammarly found initial success with college age students via social marketing. This marketing channel — which previously seemed to generate a never-ending flow of potential customers — had began to plateau. Worse, as their audience universe had peaked, their cost per thousand impressions (CPM) and cost per acquisition (CPA) had also skyrocketed.

Grammarly needed to open up the target audience, reduce seasonality, and create a more affordable acquisition channel with the ability to scale. These three goals needed to be achieved while also delivering a positive ROI.


MDG introduced Grammarly to TV advertising, which offered the perfect solution to their challenges. With the lowest CPMs and widest reach, TV advertising brings the best opportunity to acquire new customers and drive measurable results. We showed Grammarly how TV advertising, alongside social media, could help fuel their sales funnel.

Using Grammarly’s existing creative assets, MDG implemented a campaign across national cable television, OTT and CTV to quickly identify where Grammarly’s core audience was consuming TV content. MDG used direct response tactics to purchase and optimize the media buy accordingly.

Once television was “proven,” we began to scale Grammarly’s traditional younger demographic while testing a new initiative targeting business professionals. The two efforts consisted of wildly different channels and programming — but both were profitable and scalable. As a result, sessions rose by 81%, and Grammarly realized revenue growth from increasing new accounts and premium memberships, allowing them to bill 93% more YOY.



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