Amid media fragmentation, Positec was not achieving the same ROI on TV or retail sell through as it had in prior years. It had become more difficult to reach their target audience with infomercials, so they had transitioned into short form direct response media buying. Now that, too, had become a challenge.

Positec wanted to add CTV to their media mix to ensure they reached all their customers. But they didn’t want to sacrifice flexibility and control to reach their CPA goals and retail sales.


MDG accessed 120 different syndicated data sources to help find the specific audiences Positec sought. We narrowed in on the exact times, stations, and programs those consumers watch the most.

By taking this audience information and combining it with OTT & addressable media, MDG was able to eliminate waste and maximize results for Positec.

Throughout our long-term engagement, MDG has delivered flexible media strategies that quickly adjust to meet Positec’s evolving business needs, whether performance-first, brand-focused, or both.



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