After years of running a performance-driven television campaign focused solely on acquisition, ZipRecruiter had to switch gears. To position themselves for an upcoming IPO, they knew they had to focus on brand building – but they could not drastically increase their media budget.


Partnering with MDG, ZipRecruiter shifted its entire media strategy and saw massive growth across the brand in less than two years. Leading with reach, frequency and efficient GRPs, MDG pivoted away from optimizing against traditional CPV/CPA metrics to achieve a brand lift worthy of 3X the budget.

MDG focused ZipRecruiter’s modest budget on opportunities with high-profile network TV and direct programming deals with CTV publishers. We also created custom content with strategic properties such as The Daily Show and entered into sponsorships with top-tier events like The UFC and Professional Bull Riding. As a result, Zip saw an immediate boost in brand recall and site activity – regularly exceeding benchmarks from their largest competitors while spending significantly less.

This efficient stacking of multiple media channels, even on a controlled budget, allowed ZipRecruiter to show growth and increased profitability. It left ZipRecruiter well positioned for its IPO – which started trading in May 2021 at a $2.3B valuation.


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